Upto the dawn of the 21st Century, Mathematics was called the “Queen of all Sciences”.  The invasion of Mathematics in Engineering and Technology and even in the fields of Arts, Economics and Commerce has forced academicians in all walks of life to regard Mathematics as the “queen of all sciences”, “King of all Arts” and “the mother of Engineering & Technology”.  Mathematics, the foundation of all sciences is a subject which offers limitless scope for diversification in higher education. The improvements and achievements in various fields are the gift of Mathematics. The world of education without Mathematics would be non-existent. The fields of Information Technology, Social Research and Economic forecasts will not be successful but for the effective application of Mathematics. The demand for courses in Mathematics is bound to be consistent, continual and increasing.

A strong foundation in Mathematics provides effective thinking and communication skills needed to succeed in any technical endeavor. Whether it is physical or social sciences, education, law, business, medicine or government, a math degree will take you anywhere.

At HCAS, Mathematics majors have learning experiences that extend far beyond the classroom. Our students attend and present at National Math Conferences. They get accepted to programs and internships sponsored by various science Foundation.

Math Education at HCAS

HCAS’s Math Education program is a regional leader in mathematics education. Nearly 100 percent of our math alumni are employed as Math teachers. Our program is accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) as the gold standard in Higher education.


  • To develop the overall character and personality of our students and mold them as good citizens with integrity and modularity for nations building.
  • To provide appropriate guidance for the students in quest for higher knowledge.
  • To provide excellent laboratory and infrastructure facilities meeting the best standards as laid down by the government and more.
  • To provide an atmosphere in which students can realize their fullest intellectual potential through discipline, spiritual values and dedicated hard work.
  • To promote institute – industry interaction, provide professional counseling and ensure placements for our students in meeting, their career challenges.
Scope of the Course
The significance of computer science gives more importance in the fast emerging IT world.  Computer Science course is giving importance for the students to train in the technical and non – technical IT firms. Students when get admitted to the course cover a wide range of subjects such as Digital Logical Fundamentals, Microprocessor,C, C++, JAVA, VISUAL BASIC,RDBMS, Networking,Computer Architecture, Web Technology etc. When students finish the course they have careers in IT and Non – IT fields. They can also pursue higher studies in this field.

Program Highlights

  • Our Faculty are dedicated to teaching and they advise our undergraduate students on excelling their academics and to focus on their future careers.
  • Students develop creative, critical thinking and technical communication skills in an active, supportive classroom environment. In class, students wrestle with new concepts, present their ideas to their peers and work together to tackle complex problems.
  • Faculty publishes articles in research journals and is invited as speakers at International and National conferences. By staying active in cutting-edge research, they are able to develop courses that build strength in the current active areas of mathematics.
  • Through research experiences, students acquire mathematical maturity and problem-solving skills valued in the workplace and by graduate programs. They speak on their work at regional and national conferences and symposiums.
  • Courses have a lab component in which students explore mathematics in an activity-rich, collaborative environment.

Math Education Program Highlights

  • Even in a difficult education market, almost 100% of graduates are employed.
  • Over the last 10 years, approximately 50 of our mathematics majors have become secondary mathematics educators.
  • When one of our students arrived at a school to work with her cooperating teacher she was told: “You’re from HCAS so you must be good.” Our mathematics students teach in almost every school system within 25 miles of campus.

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