The College can boast of good infrastructure and adequate learning resources. The availability of Smart class rooms, Library, Staff rooms, Sports ground, Administrative office,  Auditorium, Laboratories and  Rest rooms all speak well of the College. The work pertaining to academics as well as administration make use of Information and Communication Technology. 

Physical Facilities and Infrastructure:  
Land Building  
Land Area ( in Acres) 11.90 acres
Built Up Area 14,524 sq. m
Play Ground/Sports/Games Area 40 sq. m

No: of Class Rooms No: of Laboratories No:of Seminar Rooms No: of Conference Rooms No: of Committee Rooms Hostel No: of Seats in Boys Hostel No: of Seats in Girls Hostel
63 22 02 01 01 04+03 88 Boys 73 Girls

Established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

The college provides a multifaceted infrastructure in all functional areas to ensure that the requirements of teaching learning and other processes specified by the statutory bodies are met with excellence. With a view to impart quality education and excellence, a widespread policy in infrastructure is framed and implemented. This policy is need based and is formulated based upon the guidelines provided by the statutory bodies, considering the developments in educational skills, procurement, upgradation and proper maintenance of infrastructure, upkeep and maintenance of laboratories, equipments, furniture, records of maintenance and writing off depreciated assets.

Overview of infrastructure facilities in the college

The campus is maintained by the maintenance team, which includes the chief engineer, site engineer, electricians, plumbers and other supervising staff. Housekeeping and security work have been outsourced and is keenly supervised by the maintenance team. Class rooms and laboratories are properly maintained. Purified RO water is provided to the staff and students on all floors.

All the assets are maintained as per the resource requirement guidelines of the UGC. Annual budget is prepared based on the respective department’s requirement, forwarded by heads of the department and the administrative in-charges. The consolidated budget will be forwarded by the Principal for the Management’s approval. After which quotation from various companies is provided and the best is purchased and installed.

Computer science laboratory management
• In Laboratory required computer other requirements may be kept safe, secure and ready for the use of observation and experimentation as and when required to do so.
• Here the different systems are properly arranged and properly locked in specific tables and places to save time and energy of the students and teachers.
• The lab environment, encourage the students to perform their practical’s carefully in a congenial environment.
• Name of the students, their group consisting of a specific number should be presented in the lab. Students time table and date on which the laboratory work conducting should be kept in the laboratory the name of the experiment and the nature of the laboratory work to be performed for individuals and group should be maintained.
• Maintenance of records and handling of students when they work in the laboratory.
• The period of duration of the practical’s are maintained.
• Updated Antivirus software is provided in all the computer systems.
Life science laboratory management
• The equipments are thoroughly cleaned with soap and water for basic cleaning. Wire brush is used to remove some residue and is rinsed with purified water to ensure that all soap residues is removed.
• Boiled and purified water in the lab is used to remove caked-on material like solidified agar or other gelatin-like products.
• Traces of organic materials including soap residue are removed by rinsing with acetone.
• To remove all bacteria and other micro organisms any lab equipments shall be rinsed with ethanol for sterilization.

Record and verification of infrastructure

Complete record of all infrastructures, software, and other maintenance work is maintained by each department. A periodic physical verification is carried out to find out and replace any missing or obsolete items. The committees in charge will take necessary action for the missing and obsolete assets.


Annual depreciation is provided to the assets, based upon its type, the rate of deprecation differs. The amount of depreciation shall be annually written off from the balance sheet.

All assets of the institution are safeguarded with proper insurance against damages and theft.
Maintenance of infrastructure
• The College gets a new looks with complete whitewash once in 3 years.
• Housekeeping staff are in charge for keeping the premises and rest rooms clean and tidy.
• Pest control treatment is regularly made
• Apart from regular maintenance and upkeep of the plumbing and electrical works, the Plumbers and Electricians promptly attend to the complaints if any.

Ramp and Rails for Disabled Students

Green Friendly Campus

Campus Address

Hindustan College of Arts & Science
Rajiv Gandhi Salai,
Padur, Kelembakkam, (OMR)
Chennai - 603 103.
Ph: + 044-2747 4671 / 2747 5249
Fax: + 044-2747 4013

Kerala Admission Office


3rd Floor, V Zone Building, 
Parayanchery , Mavoor Road, 
Calicut - 673016.
Ph: 9495559049

2nd Floor, B J Towers, 
Rajaji Road, Kochi - 682035.
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2nd street, Adyar,
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