Social work profession involves the application of social theory and research methods to study and improve the lives of people, groups, and societies. It is committed to the pursuit of social justice, to the enhancement of the quality of life, and to the development of the full potential of each individual, group and community in the society. We train social workers who will provide life-enhancing services, just as we develop leaders who will create a more just and humane world.

13th  of August 2010 will go down in the history of the Post Graduate department of Social Work as the official inaugural of the department in the Hindustan  College of Arts & Science. The Department of Social Work activities are guided by the vision statement of our Founder, “Make Every Man A Success, No Man A Failure”. 
The department offers specializations such as:  
•  Human Resource Management
•  Medical and Psychiatric Social Work 
•  Community Development.
  The syllabus is framed by the University of Madras.  
The objectives are
•  Transform the students into professional Social Workers committed to the values of Social Work by maximizing opportunities for every individual to realize his or her highest potential;
•  Advance practice of knowledge , values and skills consistent with the highest ideals of the profession; 
•  Promote respect, awareness, and appreciation for culture and social justice at every level of society. 
•  Empower the vulnerable, oppressed and disadvantaged populations through the field activities. 
The scope for the course is very wide. The scope has been enlisted based on the specializations.
The students specializing in Human Resource Management can take up the their career as :
•  Human Resource Personnel
•  CSR Executive
•  Industrial Relation Personnel
•  Social Welfare Officer
•  Labour   Officer in   Govt. Sector
•  HR Consultant
•  Research Associate 
The students specializing in Medical & Psychiatric can take up the career as:
•  Medical Social Worker
•  Psychiatric Social Worker
•  School Counselor
•  Family Counselor
•  Industrial Counselor
•  Counselor in correctional Settings
•  Project Coordinator
•  Teaching
The students specializing in Community Development can take up the career as:
•  Community development Coordinator
•  Project Coordinators
•  Corporate Social Responsibility Executive in Corporate Sector



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