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Best UG courses after 12th

Time: 2019-02-19 11:42:23
HCAS, Chennai

Best UG courses after 12th

How to build a valuable career is the crucial question that every student asks to themselves. Choosing a course and career is a critical juncture after 12th. Today there are diverse course alternatives available in all colleges. But the future anticipation makes them furthermore disoriented mentally.

Before choosing UG courses after 12th, ask yourself few questions like;

  • What are you really interested in?
  • Where would you like to study?
  • What are your career prospects? Etc.

Understand the existing skill set in you and also consider the prospective career and employment opportunities after completing the course. Research and collect relevant information about the course and the subjects and then work on the exact path you want your course to take on you. Any UG course you choose must accomplish a successful effect on the decision like thoroughly confronting your expertise and your future plans.

UG course is an important step in your chosen educational path. It is an essential factor in your success. There are different subject areas or categories like Business studies, Humanities, Science, Computational studies, Media Studies etc. You can choose any subject and specialize your skill and ability and brighten your future. Let’s looks at a few best UG courses after 12th.

Best UG courses after 12th

1. BBA:  

Bachelor of Business Administration is a very striking UG Degree in India. This course is basically about education in business and management principles. It helps to crystallize the foundation of business and management career goals. The probability of job opportunities is high in this area in different fields like finance, marketing, sales, management, advertising, education etc. This course assists to develop skills like communication, quantitative reasoning & business analysis, financial management, accounting, marketing principles, organizational management etc. BBA will help the students to learn skills to seek management and administrative goals within the company. You can attain an esteem job opportunities after completion of the course. The duration of the course is 3 years.

2. B.Com:

Bachelor of Commerce is a trending and valuable course after 12th in commerce background. It covers subjects commonly related to commerce sector. It focuses additionally on accounts, mathematics and economics. There are many specialization subjects available in this stream like B.Com in Computer Application, Information Technology, E-commerce, Costing & Taxation, Business management etc. gives you an opportunity to seek jobs in Government sector or private sector etc. Specialization of the subject in the entire course will boost your career prospects, as these subjects are job oriented ones. It gives a wide range of managerial skills which assist you in building a career in accounting, banking, financial management, information system and management etc. There is an immense growth in the demand for commerce graduates or professionals. This is a 3 years course.

3. B.Sc Computer Science:

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) is basically a course of computational studies. It gives you an education in computing as a scientific and technological implementation and developing an expertise in software programming. It gives you a floor to learn programming languages and improve the skills of coding and solving computational problems. B.Sc Computer Science grads have job opportunities in almost every sectors with good amount of salary. It equips the students with high analytical skills. This course helps to handle designing, developing, solving issues of computer applications. Computer professionals with through knowledge of programming and database applications are highly demanded in the IT or software sectors. B.Sc computer science is a 3 years course.

4. BCA:

Bachelors in Computer Application is a computational study which allows you to step into the career of Information Technology & Computer Applications. This course basically deals with database, networking, data structure, programming languages, software engineering, software developing etc. There is a growing career opportunities for BCA graduates in the IT sector today. This course gives a practical expertise to solve the problems of computer systems and computer applications. You can specialize in certain areas like computer graphics, programming languages, database management, system analysis etc. It has a wide range of job opportunities in different fields like public or private sector, banking, e-commerce, marketing etc. The duration of BCA is 3 years.

 5. B.A English Literature:

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature is a course of English language and literature. This course allows the students to develop creative and thinking skill in reading and analyzing the process of literary and written works. English Literature cultivates artistry in written and spoken communication with lots of potential career paths. The overall course covers literature from history of different countries novel, plays, poems, essays. You can also specialize in certain fields like journalism, teaching, arts & humanities etc. The main motive of the course is to teach students think creatively and analytically about the English language by reading books, analyzing theories, critiquing prose and verse etc. There is a wide range of career choices in various fields like journalism, teaching, marketing, advertising, media & entertainment, Content writing, Graphic & Printing, Theatres etc. It is basically a 3 years.

6. B.Sc Visual Communication:

Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication is media studies which is a combination of art and technology that connects ideas and information visually. This course basically aims to communicate ideas using visual support using drawing, typography, graphic design, color, electronic resources etc. There is a diverse career opportunities in the field of visual communication. It mainly focuses on communication skills, visual arts & media, computer & web based applications, etc. There are immense career opportunities after completing the course like graphic designer, web designer, advertising, video editor, photojournalist, animator, cartoonist, desktop publisher etc. B.Sc Visual Communication is a course for 3 years.

7. B.Sc Microbiology:

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology is a course from science stream which primarily focus on the study of microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi. This course will give you a detailed knowledge of Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology and Parasitology. This course helps you to identify and research about the infectious diseases, understand the importance of microbes to the environment, and also to exploit the same. The prime purpose of the course is to learn the cause of diseases in human and the role of organisms in the disease. The study includes biochemistry, physiology & genetics of microorganisms. There are various job opportunities in different sectors for microbiology like health organization, food industry, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, education etc. The duration of the course is 3 years.

It is obvious that choosing a course and deciding a career option is a complicated task. The above given are few options of the best UG course after 12th. There are many more options like B.Sc Biotechnology, B.Sc Electronics & Communication Science, B.Sc Mathematics, B.Sc Electronic Media, BSW etc. Choosing the right course is very important and must completely rely on the skill and ability and most importantly your interest to the subject. The right choice will lead to a rewarding career.