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Grievance Redressal Committee

  • All the grievances of the students/staff which could not be settled in the routine process should be referred to this committee.
  • Committee tries to settle the issues amicably in a time bound manner.
  • Introduces a reasonable and reliable solution for grievances of various issues received from students/parents.
  • Ensures that the grievances are resolved on time impartially and confidentially.

Anti-Ragging Committee

  • Ensures that at least one faculty member will be present at any particular time at all the locations to avoid ragging activities.
  • Takes precautions to avoid ragging activities at other locations like bus stops and gives instructions to the student volunteers and secret informers at various boarding points.
  • Canvases about anti-ragging in the forms of Flexes, Posters and Boards in college premises and surrounding areas where there is a chance of ragging.
  • Arranges counseling and guidance programs arranged for the fresher’s and parents regarding ragging.
  • Takes affidavits from the students and parents regarding Ragging during the Admission.
  • Provides helpline details inside and outside college premises.
  • Resolves the complaint received from the victim.
  • Verifies the facts through enquiry.
  • Awards disciplinary action against culprit.

Sexual Harassment Committee

  • To prevent sexual harassment and to promote the general well-being of female students /employees of the Institute.
  • To provide the healthy and safe environment in the Institute for the female students /employees.
  • To provide guidelines for the redressal of grievances related to sexual harassment of female students/employees of the institution.
  • To resolve issues pertaining to girls or women sexual harassment.

SC & ST Cell

  • Resolves the Grievances of SC/ST students and employees of the university and render them necessary help in solving their academic as well as administrative problems.
  • Looks after the work related to SC/STs matters and no other work is assigned to the Cell.
  • Ensures the effective implementation of the guidelines /policies and programmes of the Government of India, UGC and State Governments with regard to backward castes, classes and physically challenged.
  • Collects data regarding the implementation of the policies in respect of admissions, appointments to teaching and nonteaching positions in the institute and informs the same to the deserve people.
  • Gives wide publicity through circulars to all the faculties and informs the students about the various scholarships.