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Herbal Garden


The main objective to establish the herbal garden is

  • To encourage and promote them to introduce the herbal garden concept everywhere.
  • To popularize the usefulness of commonly available and frequently used herbal plants and to conserve the associated traditional knowledge.
  • To understand the economical and medicinal uses of the plants.
  • To educate students in identifying different types of herbal plants.
  • To achieve a cleaner and Greener Environment in and around the college campus.
  • To encourage students to use herbs in food and health.
  • To propagate the team work among the student.
  • To be used for students research purpose.

India has rich diversity of more than 10,000 medicinal plants. Over the centuries, people in India have a fascination and respect for the natural heritage, traditional plant ethics and herbal medicine. This wealth of traditional herbal knowledge is diminishing with the advancement of modern medicine. A significant part of knowledge and tradition is currently being eroded due to modernization, urbanization, shrinking of forest resource and availability of alternatives. However, these valuable traditional practices are still followed in interior tribal areas of India. According to World Health Organization (WHO), more than 80% of the world’s population relies on traditional medicines for their primary health care needs. Therefore it is important to inculcate the young minds to realize the fascinating knowledge and tradition, associated with these resources and help them understand the immense potentials for the future.

In view of the above reason, the Department of Biotechnology, Hindustan College of Arts & Science established an herbal garden on 15-02-2018 to popularize the usefulness of commonly available medicinal plants and also encourage the student to pursue research on the same. Department of Biotechnology is responsible for maintenance of the Herbal Garden with the active involvement of the Enviro-club volunteers. The development of the herbal garden is taken care by the staff incharge Dr. T. Ramesh. The herbal garden contains 10 rare and 30 common medicinal plants.


  • We encourage first year students to learn about medicinal plants and phytochemistry since they have Herbal Medicine as a Non Major Elective (NME) paper.
  • We brought students to Irular Nursery Irula Tribal Women's Welfare Society (ITWWS), at Thandarai, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu on 29-01-2018.
  • Student volunteers actively involved in the development of herbal garden and they are taking care of its maintenance.
  • Students are sold the herbal plants during College Carnival function and offered the amount for distress fund.