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ERP Login


Enterprise Resource Planning

Parent's Interaction Portal

  • Parents would be able to access all the details of their ward online
  • Details of internal and external marks,along with complete marks history
  • Attendance percentage of the student, along with the complete absent details.
  • Fee due for the student along with the due dates.
  • Fee submitted by the student with date, fine etc.
  • The complete fee history of student would always be available for any verification purpose.
  • Subject and details which the student is studying currently and the details of completed subjects.
  • Time table and exam schedule for the student.
  • Feedback about the student given by teachers who are teaching him various subjects currently.
  • Student’s hostel related details. Leaves taken from the hostel would be displayed.
  • Parents would also be able to view student’s resume and details furnished with the Training & Placement department.
  • Library usage by the student, the books issued to the student, and the fine pending on the student at library.
  • Various notices from the TPO Cell would be available for the parents’ information

Student's Activity Portal

  • Students will have access to all the features of Parent's corner.
  • They can update their details for use of T&P deapartment & Resume-generation online.

Unified Communication for all

  • Messaging system between
  • Admin->Teachers,
  • Admin->Students,
  • Admin->Parents,
  • Teacher->Parents,
  • Teacher->Students
  • through online portal.

Teacher Attendance & Leave Management Details

  • Teachers would mark their attendance online using their login.
  • Teachers can apply for leaves online.HOD would be the approving authority for the same.
  • Teachers would get to know their leave history and status of their leave application online.

Student Attendance

  • Teacher would be able to mark the attendance of students online.
  • Students and parents would be able to view the attendance details online at any point of time.
  • HOD will have rights to modify the attendance of a particular student, based on genuine reasons.
  • Important alerts like “Lack of attendance” etc. would be intimated to the students and parents automatically.

Online Reporting Module

  • Various reports based on the fee would be available.
  • Cumulative Reports for the teachers’ performance would get generated.
  • Reports to view the statistical data of online polls and further decision making
  • Report to find the visitor details on any given date.
  • Reports giving the detailed usage, condition and distribution of items in inventory would be generated.

Fee Management

  • Administration would be able to add various types of fee for the students, like tuition fee, hostel fee, mess fee, exam fee, fine etc.
  • Fee collection official would be able to update the fee details when a student pays the fee.
    Draft and cash both modes would be allowed, and respective details would be captured
  • Fee alerts would go to students and parents as and when a new fee is added.
  • Complete history of fee paid and due would be maintained online for all the students.

Student's Activity Portal

  • Students will have access to all the features of Parent's corner.
  • They can update their details for use of T&P deapartment & Resume-generation online.

Inventory Management

  • Complete store management would be available online.
  • Issue & return of items to department would be maintained.
  • Item's current condition could be maintained easily.

Feedback System

  • Students would be able to give feedback about the teachers’ performance per subject basis, every semester.
  • Teachers would be able to give feedback about the students which becomes visible to the students and parents.

Marks Entry

  • Teacher would be able to enter the marks online for his/her subjects & sections.
  • HOD will have the rights to freeze/unfreeze the entry of marks from time to time.
  • Complete history of all the marks would be maintained in the system.

Administration Tasks

  • Unique and secured login for all the officials.
  • Profile management.
  • Allotment of single or multiple roles to every admin/
  • HOD would be able to upload the time table for various courses and sections.
  • Admin would be able to upload the exam schedules for various courses.
  • Option to upload circular and news/events etc by the admin, TPO & HOD.
  • Teachers would be able to upload the study material, sample question papers, assignments etc.
  • Admin would allot the subjects to students. Also, he would be allotting the subjects to teachers.
  • TPO would be able to filter students according to Recruiter's criteria. He will also manage the details of placed students online.

Hostel Management

  • Complete hostel information would be available online.
  • Allotment of students to particular room type and room number.
  • Students would be able to apply for leave ,in case they need to go out of the college. Report of this would be visible in the parents’ login.
  • Hostel students would be able to complain about the hostel facilities online. Admin would be able to reply for the same.

Master Data Management

  • Management of all the department details online.
  • Management of all the sections & subjects online.
  • Initial Creation of Student, Teachers, Admin accounts.
  • Configuration of various modules according to the needs of specific institution.

Online Library Management

  • Books details to be available online with current status.
  • Search facility for users based on various criteria.
  • Issue, return, automatic fine calculation at the library.
  • Fine Reporting at any point of time and subsequent usage in "No Dues" module.