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Computer Science

About the Department


The Department of Computer Science was commenced in 1995 with a vision to prepare young men and women for the opportunities in the field of computers. Exposure to all areas of Computer Science is needed to face the challenges posed by technological advancement. Hence, a balanced curriculum of software and hardware was designed by the University of Madras. The department offers courses with comprehensive combination of Computer Applications, Digital Electronics, Statistics and Mathematics.

The Department aims at providing high quality training to students through the latest technology. In order to maintain the standard of education, University of Madras upgraded the academic syllabi to CBCS pattern so as to keep the students well trained to deal with changing trends in the field of Computer Science and Technology. The syllabus and courseware are planned to be flexible and wide-ranging, incorporating the cutting edge as well as ensuring a firm grasp of core fundamentals.

Courses Offered


  • To develop the overall character and personality of students and mould them as good citizens with integrity and modularity for nations building.
  • To provide appropriate guidance for the students in quest for higher knowledge.
  • To provide excellent laboratory and infrastructure facilities to meet the best standards as laid down by the institution.
  • To provide an atmosphere in which students can realize their fullest intellectual potential through discipline, spiritual values and dedicated hard work.
  • To promote institute–industry interaction, provide professional counselling and ensure placements for their career challenges.

Scope of the Course

The significance of computer science is to give more importance to the fast emerging IT world. The course provides a wide range of subjects like Digital Logical Fundamentals, Microprocessor, C, C++, JAVA, VISUAL BASIC, RDBMS, Networking, Computer Architecture, Web Technology, etc. After completing the course, they can pursue higher studies or can start their career in IT or Non – IT fields.


B.Sc. Computer Science

I Year II Year III Year
Semester - I Semester - III Semester - V
Language-I Language – III Operating Systems
English –I English – III Database Management Systems
Allied-1: Mathematics-I Allied-III: Statistical methods and their Applications Computer Architecture and Organization
Practical-III (Data Structures Using C++ Lab) Practical-V: RDBMS Lab
Programming in C Practical-III (Data Structures Using C++ Lab) Visual Programming
Practical –I(Programming in C) Allied III Lab Elective-I: Value Education
Non Major Elective/ Basic Tamil Environmental Studies
Soft Skills- I Soft Skills- II
Semester - II Semester - IV Semester - VI
Language-II Language – IV Data Communication and Networking
English –II English – IV Web Technology
Allied-II: Mathematics-II Allied – IV: Statistical Methods & its Applications Practical-VI: Web Applications Lab
Programming in Java Elective- II: Software Testing
Digital Electronics & Microprocessor Allied III Lab Elective – III: Computer Graphics
Practical – II: Digital Electronics & Microprocessor Lab Practical - IV: (Programming in Java Lab) Extension Activities
Non Major Elective/ Basic Tamil-II Environmental Studies
Soft Skills-II Soft Skills-IV

M.Sc. Computer Science

I Year II Year
Semester - I Semester - III
Design and Analysis of Algorithms Principles of Compiler Design
Advanced Java Programming Information Security
System Software Artificial Intelligence
Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science Elective-II: Big Data Analytics / Cryptography/ Distributed DB Systems
Practical- I: Algorithms Lab Elective-III: Multimedia Systems / E-Commerce / Cloud Computing
Practical – II: Advanced Java Programming Practical-V: Mini-Project
Soft Skills-IV: Foreign Language Skills, French
Soft Skills – I Language And Communication (Advanced Level) Soft Skills-IV: Foreign Language Skills, Italy
Soft Skills-IV: Foreign Language Skills, German
Semester - II Semester - IV
Computer Networks Project (Viva-Voce)
Digital Image Processing
Practical-III RDBMS Lab
Elective I: Mobile Computing /
Computer Simulation and Modeling/ Computer Graphics
Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Practical-IV: Image Processing using Java Lab

Add-On Courses


Nature: Add on course titled ‘CYBER SECURITY’ is offered for our final year students. Students are taught to reduce the risk of cyber attacks and also protect organizations and individuals from the unauthorized exploitation of systems, networks and technologies.

Duration: 20 hrs

Scope: Security Analyst, Security Architect, Cryptanalyst etc.,

Fees: Rs.1000/-

Certification: After completion of the course online test will be conducted and certificates will be issued.

University of Madras Rank Holders


Vinoth Kumar. M(2007-2010)
Technical Support Engineer Force Point Software Consulting Pvt Ltd, Chennai
Mary Laura(2007-2010)
Software Engineer Company Name: TCS, Chennai
Esther Paulini. J(2007-2010)
Recruitment Coordinator Manpower., Canada
Ashwanth. S(2008-2011)
Senior Specialist HCL Technologies, Chennai
Srinanthan Kandeepan(2010 - 2013)
Software Executive MyCom Lanka Pvt Ltd., Sri Lanka
Peter Mathias(2011-2014)
Director MALIMI & SONS Investment Ltd, Tanzania
Dharmeehan. M(2011-2014)
Network Administrator & Graphic Designer M&S Textiles, Australia
Mahalakshimi. M(2011-2014)
Test Analyst FedEx International, Netherlands

Frequently Asked Questions

Computer Science has an increasing importance in our everyday life. Compu`ter Science plays an important and challenging role in the industrial world today. It has also influenced the technology and systems on a broad sphere. As it gives an extraordinary appearance on a wide range, Computer Science graduates are in high demand in the market and at the same time they can also earn impressive salaries.

                                            Computer Science is a challenging field where you can explore and gain critical skills. Computer Science is an ever growing territory that develops essential knowledge. Hence acquisition of a job will not be very difficult. And you can also earn salary in a decent amount. Thus, gaining the enough knowledge and working on challenging tasks and earning a good amount of salary will be ultimate goal of an individual. This would be complete information for the question of why to choose Computer Science as career alternative.

                                                Computer Science and Computer Engineering are two different concepts. It can be easily explained as follows, Computer Science primarily focuses on the theoretical aspect like data, algorithms, and programming languages etc. that make up the software in the computer. While, computer engineering is moreover using the theory of Computer Science and making a practical implementation for creating the components of computer hardware.

                                                No, Computer Science and Computer Information System have two different bases. In Computer Science you can learn advanced algorithms, programming languages, analyze problems, find effective solutions etc. But Computer Information System is generally a different area where you can focus on gathering, storing and transforming data into information. They add more of technical support to the organization.

                                                Yes, to become a software engineer Computer Science course or degree will definitely help you. If you have immense interest in programming languages, designing and creating software etc. then you can choose Computer Science as your curriculum and can also become a successful software engineer.

Computer Science is one of the growing industries all over the globe. The career opportunities are expected to appreciably increase in the forthcoming years. Computer technology is playing an ever growing role in every industry hence the demand for Computer Science will be high to support the technical infrastructure and software application in the every industry. Thus, there will be brimming career opportunities in the future of Computer Science.

The theory of Computer Science is applied to develop software. Software is a tool which can be applied to the entire industrial sector. Some have a misconception that computer science is benefited only for technological industry. It is used in nearly all specialized fields. You can choose computer science and earn a job in either technical or non technical industries. Because computer technology (software) is used in almost overall business sectors like Financial Organizations, Software Industries, Multinational Companies, Government Companies, College and Universities, Hospitals, Banks,  Logistics etc. Career Opportunity for a computer science graduate is open in every industry.

                                            Computer Science provides you ample number of job opportunities to the graduates. You can work as a Software Developer, Application Developer, Database Administrator, Software Engineer, Web Developers, Network System Administrator, System Analyst, Web Designers etc. There are many more job titles accessible in computer science sector.

There are many programming languages available in computer science sector. Not all languages are used in the prevailing industry. The most demanding and foundational programming languages are C++, C#, Java, SQL, PHP, IOS/Swift, JavaScript, Python etc.

If you have your own computer will add benefit when learning coding and programming of your subject at any point of time. But it is not a mandatory requirement. Our college is providing with the computer lab facilities to all the computer science students.

Owning a computer is obviously advantageous in terms of ease and convenience to work on your assignments at any given time. However, at HCAS, we do not require you to have your own computer. In addition to wireless access across the campus, we have many open computer labs for your use, which are equipped with the necessary software for your classes. While some computer labs are devoted to computer science exclusively, others are for the general student population at HCAS.Thus, some labs may have specialized software installed that is not available in every lab.

Under graduate courses
· B.Sc(Computer Science)
· BCA(Bachelor of Computer Application)
Post Graduate courses
· M.Sc(Computer Science)
· M.Sc(Information Technology)

If you have your own computer will add benefit when learning coding and programming of your subject at any point of time. But it is not a mandatory requirement. Our college is providing with the computer lab facilities to all the computer science students.

If you have your own computer will add benefit when learning coding and programming of your subject at any point of time. But it is not a mandatory requirement. Our college is providing with the computer lab facilities to all the computer science students.