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The College Library continues its service as a highly valued partner in teaching and research, offering a full spectrum of resources that support the curriculum to a rapidly expanding network of digital materials along with cutting edge library and information services for students and faculty members. It serves as an integral component in the educational programmes and research projects in the college. The other objectives of the library include collective development-providing newspaper clipping services, online services and information literacy instructions to the library users. The library has become an Institutional Member of the British Council Library since 2010.

The Library provides resources in many formats for its users (online, print, and media) in-house and circulation. Major collections of library includes reference, reserves, non-fiction, media, periodicals and books that support the curriculum of all courses/programmes offered in the college. The library consists of more than16, 388 core books, more number of journals and magazines, non-book materials and 13 newspapers. Free access to the Internet for online resources, a wide range of databases, free literature search service and one-to-one help in accessing information are also provided by the library. New books are added to the library collection for newly affiliated courses. The library provides service to the Community College also. Photocopy facility is also available in the library. The library patrons are free to discuss their information needs with the librarian, to borrow books, to use the internet resources and to study quietly in the library.

Library – The Knowledge centre

The library is situated in the KCG Block which has books, journals, magazines and daily newspapers. The students & staff are facilitated to use e-resources in the library. An entry register is maintained which records all the names and details of students and staff who enters the library for accessing. The time they leave the library is also to be recorded. Complete list of library books are maintained in the system, which facilitates the users to browse and find for books and journals. All the old books were kept in the library in bound form.

Working Hours

Open on all Working Days.
Monday to Friday : 9.15 A.M. to 4.15 P.M.
Saturday : 9.15 A.M. to 1.00 P.M.
Closed on Sunday and Other Holidays.

Conditions for Issue of Books

ID cards with Barcode should be used to borrow books in the Library Before borrowing a book, the studen t must ensure that the book is in good condition. If any damage is noticed, it has to be brought to the notice of the librarian at the time of borrowing, failing which the student will be held responsible for the defects, found on returning the books. Periodicals, Journals, Dictionaries and other reference books will not be lent out.

Renewal of Books

Books will be issued for a maximum period of two weeks. Books may be renewed for a further period, provided:

  • The book is not under reservation.
  • The book is produced in the library for renewal. More than one renewal will not be allowed.
  • Books should be returned on or before the due date, failing which penalty will be levied.


Loss of Books and Tickets

The borrowers shall be responsible for any damage to the books. If one of the set of books is damaged, the borrower may be called upon to replace the whole set. In case of loss of one book , which the borrower is unable to replace by another good copy, he/she will be required to pay twice the published price of the book. Replacement of books should be done within seven days from the date of intimation, failing which a regular fine will be levied.

No Dues

To get “No Dues” certificate at the end of the course, one should return all the library books and surrender the library tickets.

General Discipline

Strict silence should be maintained in the library. Books should not be carried from one section to another. Students are requested not to replace the books in the shelves. Instead, they may leave the books with the sorter. Violation of library rules will result in the suspension of membership.