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About the Department


The Department inculcates the culture and traditional value to student community through various languages such as TAMIL, ARABIC, HINDI,FRENCH, and MALAYALAM and also enriches the moral values of life .The department as a part of the institution aims to enlighten the students on the nuances of these languages.


1. To develop a wholesome personality through literature, culture and tradition.

2. To create a platform to exhibit and express one’s hidden talents through elocution, essay writing, poetry writing and debate.

 3. To enhance the skills of public speaking and the art of journalism and creates opportunity in the field of Media.

4. To mould the young minds to come out of the nutshell and to have a better world view.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Arabic being a foreign language, there is a large scope of job opportunities  in IT companies and in gulf Countries.

It is not easy but Interesting language.

As it is spoken in more than 5 continents it improves “Your Career Options”. Whatever your industry and occupation, learning French can help you communicate with clients, vendors, and employees in other countries.

Much of the English vocabulary is derived from French and learning this language will not only improve your English vocabulary but also increase our intellectual power, improves memory and also performance in other academic areas.

As French language is gaining its significance throughout the world, there are lot of job opportunities if you take it as a career, not only in India but also abroad. You can work as a translator in a company, Script writer, Dubbing documentaries and films, writing subtitles in French or become professor of French and even you can work from home.

Learning French increases your brand value. You can earn more than what other professionals are earning. You can make a well paying career and sky is the limit.

One of the best and most popular reasons to learn French is for travel or relocation—after all, who hasn’t dreamed of visiting the Loire Valley or spending a year living and working in Paris.