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Journalism & Communication

About the Department


The fascination with journalists and journalism is something here to stay even if the field is under tremendous pressure from within and without. Keeping in mind the absolute essentials of ethics and ethical journalism in the print and broadcast outlets, the Department of Journalism & Communication shapes students with the zest to be the journalists of tomorrow.

Courses Offered


  • To create competent and competitive media professionals, academics and research scholars.
  • To offer an in-depth study into the nuances of Journalism in the Print, Broadcast and New Media; and of media related industries like Advertising, Photography, Film, Public Relations and Corporate Communications thereby providing a unique opportunity to step into any field of their choice.

Scope of the Course

The students will come out with overall knowledge of Journalistic skills on par with the media industry.

Course highlights

MA Communication and Journalism aims to provide theoretical as well as practical training in media related fields of society and aim to empower graduates to venture in to print broadcast and new media journalism. This is a professional course which aims to mould graduates to take jobs in journalism, communication, advertising, PR and new media. The training is structured in such a way that practical classes complement theoretical lessons learned by or taught to students. At the end of the two years course, students are expected to perform well in media industry. The USP of this course is integrated learning of theory and practical sides of the course.


M.A. Journalism and Communication

I Year II Year
Semester - I Semester - III
History of Communication Communication Ethics and Laws
Reporting and Editing Communication Research Methods
Print Journalism Practical I ( Broadsheet/Tabloid) Radio Journalism Practical
History of Tamil Society and Politics Gender and Media
Photo Journalism Public Relations
Soft Skill – I Extra Disciplinary – II
Soft Skill - III
Semester - II Semester - IV
Social Media Communication Television Journalism Practical
Film Studies Cross Cultural Communication
Print Journalism Practical II ( Magazine) Critical Communication Studies
Environmental Journalism Dissertation
Extra Disciplinary- I Practice Journal
Advertising Soft Skill – IV
Soft Skill – II

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Frequently Asked Questions

MA in Journalism and communication of Madras University offered at HCAS is open to all men and women graduates of all universities. It is a paraprofessional course training people in various fields of media communication and Journalism.

Students specialize in journalism and communication, advertising and PR or such subjects as students are trained to write to report, to edit and speak etc. Students also study Public Relations media law gender and media to know prevalent trends and practices of media in India and abroad.

Students will go into working in journalism or communication doing reporting or editing and as PROs or advertising consultants in public or private sector or government and will go into doing advertising or marketing also. Many opportunities are available to get into academics or into further studies in USA or west.

Advertising media or any communication is as glamorous and interesting as science or engineering is. Many opportunities are available everywhere as one can go into freelancing or into regular job to occupy managerial posts very sooner. There are more than 80000 publications 500 TV channels or 150 radio stations are available in India. Opportunities are plenty for everyone for qualified or trained especially.

Compared to private institutes and university affiliated colleges or private universities, the cost is cheaper. A private institute affiliated to a newspaper charges in Chennai as much as three lakhs, it is not recognized also and it is not even quarter to this cost as well as it is recognized by the university. Journalism is not costlier and it is job oriented and made interesting in this college compared to private institutes other colleges or universities.

This course is a two year program of four semester duration combining theory and practice available to all graduates of Indian universities especially Madras University. Classes are taught on campus set in a natural surrounding on all aspects of media communication. Theory as well as hands on experience is offered as audio studio, multi media lab, TV studio are available to learn nuances of journalism besides getting theory or practical instruction.

Yes it is possible to get good jobs as market scenario is bright as new ventures are cropping up in a big way as more people are in need. The college will assist in placement in media houses radio and TV stations advertising agencies or PR firms as also in new media ventures to all who come out successfully of this course.

Not necessarily as it is easier to learn or know this subject as a person having language orientation can excel initially but as content is equally important one learns subjects and gets trained to carry out multiple tasks. No special skill is required except keen interest and active orientation to be when he is in college or she is.

Yes it is possible to get into government or industry as public sector companies as NTPC offers Corporate communication officers or PROs to a graduate of full time MA course in Journalism and communication who has scored 60% or above in aggregate. Many public sector companies offer such posts to qualified graduates of this course and also in corporate communication divisions.

As for as industry is concerned, even Bsc graduates of media have entered into film or TV fields made big name and have earned substantially as well in short span of time. It is easier for MA graduates to enter journalism or communication industry in newspapers or media houses and come out successfully after a short time.

You would need undergraduate transcripts to join, go to a nearby admission office Hindustan college and fill in necessary forms as early as possible or before deadline to join. You would eligibility certificate issued by Madras University if you are a graduate of other university or college. Start today to make it big in media come and meet us in our office.